No. Patent Number Date Patent Person
200920311808.6 Combined trap
2010.06.30 Patents
201120329454.5 An energy saving device for catalytic reactive distillation process
2012.07.11 Patents
201220286064.9 A micro-bubble mass transfer tray
2013.03.13 Patents
201320396903.7 Separation and recovery device of alcoholysis liquid waste in polyvinyl alcohol production
2013.12.11 Patents
201420103489.0 An efficient device for extracting asphalt oil from oil sands
2014.07.30 Patents
201420166815.2 A catalytic distillation tray
2014.10.22 Patents
201420350725.9 A device for durene extracting from methanol synthetic oil
2014.11.26 Patents
201320619422.8 A device for high-purity butanol recovering via butanol dehydration
2014.12.17 Patents
201420351262.8 Foam structured packing with obliquity transition
2014.12.17 Patents
201420350983.7 A device for converting residual energy at the top of distillation tower into electric energy
2014.12.17 Patents
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