Technical support

  With world class scientific research level and exquisite technical ability, our center/company whole heartedly provides the chemical products refining test and technology package, the engineering design services of chemical separation tower equipment, and the design and manufacturing of tower internals such as high-efficiency packing and high-efficiency tray. The main technical areas are:

  1. Large-scale key technologies of large-scale refining units

  2. Integration of key technologies of ethylene industrial tower separation

  3. Alcohol products

  4. Benzene products

  5. Natural gas/light hydrocarbon/LPG/solvent oil

  6. Cyclohexanone/cyclohexanol/caprolactam/adipic acid

  7. Extraction device

  8. Chemical fertilizers/coal chemicals

  9. Desulfurization/decarbonization/denitration/dust removal

  10. Polysilicon/organosilicon

  11. Oil water separation

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